Nick and James

Contemporary Mediterranean and Ottoman Inspired Cuisine


Catering for street food, festivals, weddings or in fact any occasion, The Ottomen have an infinite choice of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Ottoman inspired food at our fingertips.

The Ottomen has evolved from James and Nicks love of great food. Their constantly changing menu evokes memories of holidays and great adventure

Vegetarian and vegan friendly we also have a dish or two to satisfy the omnivores.

Mezze inspired, we have many more offerings leaning towards the avant-garde.

Passionate about the environment, bio packaging and non GMO comes as standard with The Ottö-Men.

Bil haná wal shifá


Amazing mezze with loads of vegan options. Please come back to Chorlton again soon!

Jane Gaffey

Gorgeous food: well sourced ingredients, dazzling cooking and lovely service. My partner Tony and I chose to eat there two days in a row. Bliss!

Thank you!

Kai Uus

Totally delicious food – so many flavours and textures, cant wait to buy more

Rachel Copeland

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